Why I Choose Health, Not Weight, as my Goal

I feel like most people start out on their “health” journey because they want to lose weight. I know that’s what first propelled me into the world of health and fitness.

To give you some background (and get a bit personal) I look back on photos of myself when I was younger and I was never overweight. This isn’t me bragging about myself, this is me saying how hard it is when you are living with a type of “body dysmorphia” like I was when I was younger. I constantly compared myself to other friends, celebrities, models in magazines, etc. and was convinced that I needed to lose weight. I can also be pretty hard on myself, and I decided I needed to fix my “problem areas” that probably never existed.

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Welcome to the last installment of #MacronutrientMonday. The last macronutrient we have to learn about is carbohydrates! This is going to be a fun topic because there is a lot of confusion around carbohydrates. Are they good? Are they bad? Do we even NEED carbohydrates? So let’s dive right in.

Carbohydrates only comprise about 2% of our body weight. In general, they come from plant sources (versus animal sources which our protein should be coming from) because they are produced from photosynthesis in plants. Common sources of carbohydrates include grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and sweeteners. 

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