Digestion: Part 1

For my next series, I’ve decided to do a bi-weekly “Foundations” post where I’ll go through some of the topics that are the pillars for health and that I’ve learned extensively about in my Nutritional Therapy program. The foundations we will be covering are Digestion, Blood Sugar Balance, and Essential Fatty Acids.

With each of these foundations we’ll start with how these processes are supposed to work, then go into some of the problems that can (and often do) occur, then some tips for solving them!

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Tips for Getting Back on Track

Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year. It’s filled with vacations and parties with family and friends, the weather is beautiful, plus this year two of my best friends are getting married so we have lots of celebrating to do! That being said, these weekends and celebrations certainly have the ability to make us feel rather sluggish. Whether you’ve been traveling or just staying home, I’m sure there have been more sugary foods around as of late (or maybe I’m just speaking for myself?). The important part is to get back into your good habits once the celebrations or vacations come to a close. Don’t dwell anymore on getting that extra scoop of ice cream or eating chips and guac as a meal. You also don’t need to take some crazy extreme action and go on a 10 day juice cleanse. Your body does a really great job of detoxifying itself, now your job is to help support it in that process! In order to get you started again and feeling great for the rest of the summer, let’s go through some simple steps to get you there: 

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