Tips for Getting Back on Track

Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year. It’s filled with vacations and parties with family and friends, the weather is beautiful, plus this year two of my best friends are getting married so we have lots of celebrating to do! That being said, these weekends and celebrations certainly have the ability to make us feel rather sluggish. Whether you’ve been traveling or just staying home, I’m sure there have been more sugary foods around as of late (or maybe I’m just speaking for myself?). The important part is to get back into your good habits once the celebrations or vacations come to a close. Don’t dwell anymore on getting that extra scoop of ice cream or eating chips and guac as a meal. You also don’t need to take some crazy extreme action and go on a 10 day juice cleanse. Your body does a really great job of detoxifying itself, now your job is to help support it in that process! In order to get you started again and feeling great for the rest of the summer, let’s go through some simple steps to get you there: 

  1. Drink Water!
    • Everyone should know by now my thoughts on water. It’s so important and such an easy thing to add! Add some extra water in your day and for some additional detoxifying effects, throw some lemon in there. It will not only taste delicious, but the lemon will also help your digestion. Make sure you are drinking at least half your body weight in water (and extra if you are drinking coffee or other diuretics).
  2. Eat Breakfast
    • If you overindulged the day (or days) before, don’t think that skipping breakfast is going to make it all go away. Your blood sugar is probably a bit out of whack, and avoiding breakfast is just going to make the problem worse later in the day. Instead, start your day with a good, balanced breakfast- I’m talking something with protein, fat and carbs like scrambled eggs with vegetables, full fat plain Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts, or organic steel cut oatmeal with berries.

      Paleo pancake- scramble two eggs plus one banana and cook in coconut oil, then top with almond butter and a side of berries
  3. Move 
    • “A body in motion stays in motion”. I find this saying so true because when I’m working out consistently, I then find more time to work out! When I stop working out, all of a sudden I come up with a lot of excuses why I don’t have time to move. And I’m not saying you need to get to the gym and stay there for an hour and a half. I’m talking about going for a 30-60 minute walk, putting on a yoga video in your house, or trying out a fun Zumba class after work. Just do something to move your body! You will be much happier afterwards, I guarantee it.IMG_8147
  4. Clean Out
    • I used to be really afraid of throwing away food. I think it came from years of depriving myself of food which made me get really anxious at the prospect of throwing out extra desserts or extra food around the house. Now, let me be clear. I’m not advocating wasting food on a normal basis and if I make Brussels sprouts and the only person eating them is me, I will eat them all. Side note- I once ate like two pounds of Brussels sprouts in three days- I probably would not recommend this again from a digestive standpoint : ) I’m talking about the extra cookies/ pies/ cake that you come home with after a party. If you’re trying to eat healthy, let indulgences on vacation or at a get together be a one day thing (okay, or maybe two or three day) but don’t let it extend for the next week and a half as now you have to finish up all the leftovers. Just throw it away. And if that makes you SUPER anxious, then next time be cognizant of that and either a) don’t take home the leftovers or b) make less food.

      Adorable cake for my birthday- have a slice (or two), then freeze the rest for another time!
  5. Stock Up
    • Go to the grocery store and get the foods you need to make the transition back to clean eating both easy and successful. I’m not telling you to buy 30 different types of vegetables that are going to go to waste but make a plan for a few meals that you are going to make, and stock up on healthy snacks to have around. When your fridge and cabinets are full of good, clean foods then you are less likely to indulge elsewhere (especially if you have already gotten rid of the desserts in the fridge…right??) Also, try a new recipe! This will get you excited about cooking and getting back on the healthy eating train.

      Dinner of marinated pork tenderloin plus tons of veggies

Hopefully these few tips help for getting you back on track. Any favorite meals you like for getting back into your routine?

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  1. Great practical advice to bring us back to center when summer activities or life changes have us going in a different direction!

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