Whole30 R2 Meals

Although I finished the Whole30 a few weeks ago, most of my meals look the same with the addition of some white rice, occasional raw dairy and some dark chocolate now and again. Although as a disclaimer, when I go on vacation I am much more liberal with my diet (and I think that’s fine for most people!) Halfway through March, I went skiing in Utah with my Dad and Erik and while we always enjoyed a healthy breakfast, I definitely indulged in some delicious meals at restaurants and also purposefully “glutened” myself for some of the best cookies I ever had. Anyway, my point is that while doing a challenge is great and there are many benefits I experienced, and am happy to continue experiencing, it’s also nice to be able to bring some balance into my life with some wine and desserts when I want them.

Breakfasts: Most of my breakfasts were a variation of eggs or chocolate chia pudding. I also occasionally had a smoothie which is not technically whole30 approved, but since this wasn’t my first rodeo, I was cool with it.

eggs with sweet potato “toast” and bacon
FullSizeRender (5)
eggs, bacon, lemony kale with a side of organic strawberries
His and Hers Smoothies- both made with banana, almond butter, spinach but I added cacao powder to Erik’s
FullSizeRender (4)
Kitchen Sink scramble- scrambled eggs with leftover peppers, spinach, and cauliflower topped with avocado

Lunches were almost always a salad topped with leftovers, sardines, rotisserie chicken or chicken sausage. As long as I’m varying up my proteins and my roasted veggies on my salad, I find I never get sick of them! I also made a few soups which I paired with a salad as well.

Random salad with cucumbers, jicama, blueberries and hard boiled eggs
Mason Jar Salad with cauliflower rice, peppers, shredded beef, avocado and salsa
golden cauliflower soup

Snacks were usually hard boiled eggs, raw nuts (my favorite are macadamia nuts!), RX bars, fruit or a packet of nut butter.

the best!


If you like dried mango- get this IMMEDIATELY! So good

Dinners were always a protein (beef, chicken, fish, or pork) served with veggies (cauliflower rice, broccoli, string beans) and a starch (potatoes or sweet potatoes). I found that changing up the way I served the starch (roasted sweet potatoes, sweet potato fries, baked potatoes with ghee, etc.) was essential for us not getting bored.

Mahi mahi, roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli
Steak, broccoli, sauteed mushrooms and spinach with a japanese sweet potato
FullSizeRender (3)
Bacon wrapped pork (OMG so good) with a mix of carrots/ sweet potatoes, cauliflower rice and sauteed kale

Dessert: We really didn’t have dessert often! Occasionally we had some fruit after dinner like melon or pineapple and a handful of times we made a dessert out of a sliced banana, some cashew butter, some macadamia nuts and shredded coconut. Made it feel like a treat even though all the ingredients were compliant!


So hopefully this gives you some ideas if you were interested in doing the Whole30 but weren’t sure what the heck you can eat!

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