Supplements for Pregnancy and Preconception

It’s important to get started eating a healthy, nutrient dense diet before pregnancy but I also think it’s challenging to get in all of the proper vitamins/ minerals on diet alone. Once you become pregnant, the baby will quickly start to use up your nutrient stores so it’s very important to have built a solid base (I recommend getting started on a supplement protocol at least 3-6 months before trying to conceive- and this includes both future moms and dads!) and also make sure you are eating as nutrient dense as possible.

Below is the list of supplements that I took prior to getting pregnant and continue taking during my pregnancy. We each have individual and unique needs, but this has worked very well for me.

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We’re Having a Baby! Weeks 9-15

Before I get into this next update, I want to thank everyone who has reached out to me about my last post. Also, I am doing fine, baby is doing fine, and overall I am feeling much less anxious/ stressed. But I wanted to be honest in my last post and bring to light something that isn’t talked about that much- that this process is not necessarily easy for everyone and therefore some of those fears/ anxious thoughts don’t just end the day you see a positive pregnancy test. And I also want others who are struggling on their own journey to know they are not alone- and I’m always here to talk!

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We’re Having a Baby! Weeks 5-8

So, over the past 15 weeks or so I have been hiding a big surprise! I am pregnant! I am currently 15 ½ weeks and honestly feeling pretty darn good! In fact, feeling (surprisingly) good during this pregnancy has been a big form of anxiety for me. Almost everything I read/ heard from others was that they felt horrible, had to take naps throughout the day, experienced nausea, morning sickness, you name it. And while I had a few brief periods of feeling a little nauseous, some cravings/ aversions and a bit more tired than normal (mostly I just didn’t feel like doing much in the evenings- but honestly, this isn’t that unusual for me haha) I felt great!

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