Pregnancy: Weeks 16 – 19 Recap

And just like that, we are at the halfway mark! 20 weeks feels so significant to me because the “teen” weeks of pregnancy were filled with lots of ups and downs and just so much change from week to week. Back at 12 weeks pregnant we had an ultrasound where our baby finally looked like- a baby! Not just a little bean. And that was such a joyful moment. But then I still had some anxiety and nerves around this last ultrasound, the “big one”, as this was the one where all other abnormalities were ruled out and we made sure everything was developing properly. Not to mention that we found out the sex of the baby and had a gender reveal party at week 18. There’s just been a lot going on! But it’s truly the best and I feel so happy and grateful every time I feel those little kicks in my belly. So let’s go back a bit and talk about how the past few weeks have been!

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