Pregnancy: Weeks 20 – 24 Recap

I can hardly believe that the next time I’ll be doing a recap I’ll be in the third trimester! Sometimes it feels like time is going slowly but then I’ll be looking at my Bump App on my phone and another week has suddenly flown by!

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot going on. We had a few snowstorms which were not so fun, it seems like Spring just does not want to show, and we went on our “Babymoon”in Charleston which was a fantastic time. Since Erik has been traveling for work so much, it was wonderful to have just uninterrupted time for us to relax and explore a new city. The weather ended up being not so great, but we made the most out of it and had a wonderful trip. I would definitely go back there again!

We also had our first appointment with our doula and it went amazing. She is going to be an absolutely fantastic resource and spent a few hours with us just going through all of our options for the hospital/ birth. There are truly so many things that can happen during birth and it makes me feel a lot better knowing which things I feel comfortable with versus the things I would really like to avoid (as long as its safe of course).

Here’s what’s been going on with baby during week 25!

  • She is measuring about 13.5 inches long and weighs about 1.5 pounds
  • She now knows which way is up and which is down
  • She is growing more fat and more hair
  • She can now use her hands to grasp
  • She is peddling her feet to practice walking

Here’s what’s been happening with me the past few weeks:

Workouts: Still going pretty well! Some weeks are definitely better than others, but as the weather is starting to warm up I’m trying to at minimum go for a walk each day, and every other day get a workout video in (sometimes happens, sometimes doesn’t!) I still feel totally normal while working out which is also good.

Symptoms: Back acne- I forgot to talk about this one in previous posts but ever since getting pregnant I’ve started to get acne on my back. Thankfully it’s not on my face, but it’s still quite annoying. I’m also getting side stiches/ aches when I walk sometimes. I think it depends how the baby is positioned and sometimes I have to slow down or put my hands above my head until it goes away.

Movement: Yes! Best part about these past few weeks has been that Erik can now feel the kicks easily as well. I think my favorite time of day is relaxing in bed before I go to sleep and just watching my stomach jump up and down from her movements.

Food Aversions: Nothing! Still not super into salads, but my previous aversions to veggies are now gone. I’m back to liking them all!

Food Cravings: Dairy, Mexican food, and salmon! I’ve been super into salmon lately and love getting it at restaurants where they serve it all crispy from the broiler.

Sleep: Pretty good. Still working on sleeping on my side as most nights I wake up and find I’m on my back. But I still am not waking up at night to pee so that’s a win!

Maternity clothes: Oh yes. I made it to about week 22 still wearing regular jeans and then realized it just wasn’t worth it. So now I’m sporting maternity jeans at work and then immediately changing into my Lululemon Align pants at home…..I’ll probably have to size up in those in a few weeks too.

Miss anything?: Nope! I had a little moment about a week ago after I got weighed at the doctor’s office where I semi freaked out about just how fast the weight gain seems to be happening, but overall I am so good with it! I love my bump because it’s a reminder that baby girl is healthy and growing!

Baby Items Purchased: We picked up an Uppababy stroller on Craigslist and I am obsessed with it, especially the bassinet which is the cutest thing ever. I also got a rug for her nursery and have started to pick up some natural bath products for her. We have also gotten a lot of clothes from family/ friends!

Looking forward to: The nursery being painted! Erik is painting the nursery and I’m super excited to start to start decorating her room!


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