Pregnancy: Weeks 31 – 36 Recap

We are officially in the 9th month of pregnancy! It’s crazy to think that this little girl could come almost any day now. I think 39 weeks is considered “full term” though so I’m holding out for that, but I hope she doesn’t make us wait too long!

Everything has been going well for the most part. I am experiencing some sleep disruptions, lower back pain, round ligament pain, etc. that I’ll detail down below, but I really can’t complain since it’s all still pretty minor.

Baby is in a good position right now and is head down facing towards my back (anterior). Hoping she stays this way!

The nursery is coming together and I absolutely love it- it’s my favorite room in the house and just so calm and pretty in there. I definitely have hit “nesting” mode and every night I feel like I need to be organizing/ doing something. The amount of amazon packages we’ve gotten recently is also pretty insane.

Here’s what’s going on with baby during Week 36

  • At 36 weeks baby is about 18.7 inches long and weighs about 5.8 pounds
  • Baby’s liver and kidneys are now in working order and circulation and immune systems are good to go
  • She’s gaining about an ounce per day and getting nice and chubby
  • Lungs are doing their final preparations to be strong and healthy for life outside the womb

Here’s what’s been happening with me the past few weeks:

Workouts: Still going well! Unfortunately, working out sometimes makes the lower back/ sciatic pain a little bit worse, but I’m still able to get in some movement at least a few times a week and walking most days of the week. Given how hot it has been this past week though (upper 90s) if I don’t get out in the early morning, I’m waiting to walk until later at night and usually not for as long.

Symptoms: Sciatic pain like I said above, although going to the chiropractor and getting a prenatal massage has helped with this, round ligament pain, some acne on my face, and overall feeling a bit more hormonal. Had a few episodes where I just started crying, mostly from feeling a bit overwhelmed. I also have experienced acid reflux for the first time in my life! A lot of my clients have experienced this, and before pregnancy I really couldn’t relate. I now can say that it is NOT fun, but thankfully as long as I don’t eat too late in the day before bed (or spicy food late at night- tacos don’t seem to sit super well with me) and take my Betaine Hydrochloride, I can get through it. For those of you dealing with acid reflux- I feel your pain!

Movement: Yup- still a good amount of movement! She’s running out of space in there, but I’m still getting kicks on my right side and feel her butt slide around the top of my stomach, especially at night! Also, when she gets the hiccups it’s pretty much my favorite thing ever.

Food Aversions: Nothing!

Food Cravings: All I wanted for my birthday was carrot cake and was extremely happy to have satisfied that craving. Also, since it’s so hot out I am all about eating ALL THE FRUIT (particularly cherries, peaches, strawberries, blueberries and watermelon) and keeping meals on the lighter side. I’ve also been loving sauerkraut, eggs, salmon (still), salads, yogurt/ cottage cheese and rice made with bone broth.

 Sleep: Okay- waking up now about once a night to pee, and then wake up early and can’t get back to sleep. I need to start trying to nap during the day because I’m feeling really exhausted by the evening time.

Maternity clothes: Yup, pretty much all I can fit into at this point although I do have a couple of loose summer dresses that are still working out.

Miss anything?: I miss sleeping on my stomach, being able to have a glass of wine, and sushi. But other than that, I still think being pregnant is the best : )

Baby Items Purchased: Just got a new hamper for her room, and getting in some more organic white cotton newborn onesies for the hospital. We are packing our hospital bags and man- there is a lot of stuff that needs to be brought to the hospital! I feel like I’m going to show up there and look ridiculous with how much stuff we have!

Looking forward to: A nice, relaxing Maine vacation with the family. We are going to Maine for a few days over the 4th of Juy and I can’t wait to just relax and soak up some nice time with the family.

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