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I’ve been pretty MIA on the blog lately, and I’ve also been taking a bit of a social media break (I deleted the Facebook app entirely from my phone as I just can’t stand some of the negativity on it lately).

I’m not exactly sure right now where I want to take the blog. I know my nutrition business is evolving and I want to be more focused on preconception/ pregnancy/ postpartum nutrition, but at this time when I’m still in my own “postpartum” phase, I don’t really have the time or the energy to invest as much as I would like into my business.

Being a mom has been the most wonderful experience but I don’t want to pretend it’s all sunshine and rainbows, and this time has also been very stressful. As a parent, there are decisions that need to constantly be made and I sometimes find myself in a spiral of worry and self doubt if I’m doing the right thing. This leads to me feeling extremely anxious and overwhelmed and so my business/ blog has taken a backseat during this time.  I fully expect at some point to get back to sharing information more regularly, but for now, I’m going to keep it light and list some of my favorite things lately.

  1. Online workouts- I’ve been loving online workouts lately! I belong to a gym and I also have a few yoga studio memberships but it is really challenging to leave the house and get to a class when I’m working full time/ my husband travels a few days a week. BUT I can usually find at least 30 minutes a couple of times a week to get out my mat and do a workout in my house! I love that I can constantly switch up my workout and that I can choose what I’m doing based on my mood/ how my body is feeling- so sometimes it’s yoga/ pilates/ stretching or other times it’s kickboxing or strength training.  And it’s been a great reminder that you don’t need to go to the gym to get a good workout in. Also carrying around a 16 pound baby is a workout itself ; )
  2. First Foods with Maddie- As a Nutritional Therapist, I obviously am very interested in food/ nutrition and I am having SO much fun making Maddie food and having her try different things. I’m sort of taking a baby led weaning approach but I’m not just feeding her whatever we’re having because I want to go slow with certain foods in case of allergies. Also, for her I’m really focusing on getting in the most nutrient dense foods possible because at 6 months babies need more iron than that is found in breastmilk/ formula so I’m focusing on iron rich foods (like liver!) I can’t say that she’s had any clear “favorites” with food so far but every day she gets a little bit more interested! And man, is it a messy process! I’m just trying to embrace it but I can’t help cringing sometimes when food is literally stuck everywhere on her.
  3. Woolino Sleep Sack- Last month, we transitioned Maddie out of her Merlin Sleep Suit and into a regular sleep sack. I was TERRIFIED about this because since she was born she was in some sort of “self contained” sleepwear (i.e. swaddle or merlin suit). But we decided to transition her to her crib AND drop the Merlin suit at the same time to just rip the band aid off and it went amazing! It took about a week to fully transition but she now sleeps so well on her stomach and essentially sleeps from 7pm-7am (with a dream feed at 10:30). I can’t even begin to say what a big difference this has made and while I’m highlighting the sleep sack as my favorite thing, really I’m just so grateful she’s sleeping at all! But the sleep sack seriously is great and considering she wears it literally every night and it will fit her until she’s at least 2, I consider it a great investment.
  4. Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer- As many of you know, I gave up coffee a few years ago and my thought process with the postpartum period was I would only start drinking it again if I felt like I just couldn’t survive without it. And even though I was unbelievably tired for a few months I didn’t feel like coffee would have helped the situation because I was actually experiencing a lot of anxiety postpartum, and for me coffee just makes anxiety worse. So anyway, I’ve been enjoying Dandy Blend each morning which gives me a nice, warming beverage but without any of the coffee negatives. And this collagen creamer has been such a yummy addition and makes me look forward to drinking it every day! Is it a totally necessary item? Not at all, but it makes me happy and it’s a good way to get a dose of collagen in every day : )

So that’s it for now! I would love to know what topics you would be interested hearing about. I feel like I really am lacking in creativity these days so if there is anything you would like to see a blog post on, please let me know!

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