Baby Number 2- Halfway There!

First pregnancy update for the blog! I know I have been incredibly quiet on here lately. I’ve still been writing in my journal/ typing out some updates because it really does help with my anxiety to write, but I’ve been pretty absent on this platform.

Honestly, I’ve felt stuck lately in terms of blog content- we are cooking a ton of meals at home (aren’t we all!) but a lot of times by the time we eat I just don’t feel inspired anymore/ it’s late and I’m not taking pictures of my food. Then there is everything going on in the world with COVID, the (necessary) awakening for so many of us with the Black Lives Matter movement, politics, etc. that a lot of times I just don’t feel like I have anything useful to add. I’m doing a lot of learning, reading, and listening but not really feeling like I’m the person who should be sharing all of this, since I’m still learning as well.

Anyway, back to baby! I can’t believe we are over halfway there (I’m 23 weeks) and while at the beginning each week just dragged by, now that I am feeling the baby move more and I’ve had some very reassuring appointments, the weeks are moving much faster.

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