Digestion Part 2: The Consequences

So now that we’ve learned how digestion is supposed to work, let’s talk about some of the problems you could encounter. As I showed in the last post, there are a lot of steps in digestion which means there are ample opportunities for things to go astray. This post will go into some of the more common digestive issues, and then in the next post we will talk about some tips to solve them!

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Digestion: Part 1

For my next series, I’ve decided to do a bi-weekly “Foundations” post where I’ll go through some of the topics that are the pillars for health and that I’ve learned extensively about in my Nutritional Therapy program. The foundations we will be covering are Digestion, Blood Sugar Balance, and Essential Fatty Acids.

With each of these foundations we’ll start with how these processes are supposed to work, then go into some of the problems that can (and often do) occur, then some tips for solving them!

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