Guest Post! Erik’s Whole30 Experience

It’s now been over a month since I finished my first Whole30 and as I reflect on it I realize that I am extremely lucky to have my wife Alli not only for the constant joy and happiness she brings into my life on a daily basis, but also the way she has changed my food habits since we started our lives together 8 years ago. Prior to living with her, Mac and Cheese and hot dogs was a staple meal. Take out was a 2-3x a week occurrence, fish was for sport, not for eats, and vegetables were optional, not required. When we moved in together, change was gradual but consistent, and I found my tastes and my openness to new foods had expanded rapidly with the help of Alli’s cooking. I began to trust her opinion on trying new foods, eating a certain way, and thinking about food differently. She even helped turn my severe acid reflux problem into a non-issue, which was a pivotal turning point for me.

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Whole30 R2 Meals

Although I finished the Whole30 a few weeks ago, most of my meals look the same with the addition of some white rice, occasional raw dairy and some dark chocolate now and again. Although as a disclaimer, when I go on vacation I am much more liberal with my diet (and I think that’s fine for most people!) Halfway through March, I went skiing in Utah with my Dad and Erik and while we always enjoyed a healthy breakfast, I definitely indulged in some delicious meals at restaurants and also purposefully “glutened” myself for some of the best cookies I ever had. Anyway, my point is that while doing a challenge is great and there are many benefits I experienced, and am happy to continue experiencing, it’s also nice to be able to bring some balance into my life with some wine and desserts when I want them.

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Whole30 Round 2


Another Whole30 in the books! I have to say that this one was significantly easier than my first Whole30. I knew what to expect since I had did one before and I was just so ready to make a change. The holidays definitely brought more sweets around than usual and I’ve found that once I start eating sugar, it’s hard for me to stop. And it’s healthy sugar too (at least for the most part!) like Paleo cookies or some dark chocolate after meals. I don’t regret having these things at all, but I think it’s good to give your body a re-set when you find these items creeping into your diet more often than you would prefer.

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My First Whole30

Hi everybody!

About two weeks ago I finished my first Whole30, and I wanted to give a recap of the program and some of the benefits you can experience while it’s still fresh in my mind.

To start, what exactly is the Whole30 and why should you be interested? The Whole30 is a 30 day program that focuses on real, nutrient dense, whole foods and eliminates a lot of the common “problem foods” for most people. It was developed by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig and you can find more information in their book: The Whole30: The 30 Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom or on their website:

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