Why We Chose a Home Birth

As I wrote about in Emery’s birth story, we decided to have a home birth for her. This decision was made after quite a bit of research, so I wanted to share some of the reasons that home birth was the right decision for OUR family (very important- since I don’t believe home birth is necessarily the right decision for everyone!)

The top reasons why a home birth was right for us were:

  1. COVID (although now I don’t think I would ever give birth a different way!)
  2. Hospital Interventions/ Policies
  3. Low Risk
  4. Quality of care with a midwife team
  5. Birthing in the comfort of our home
  6. Postpartum services
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Emery’s Birth Story

Emery is here! I am so excited to share her birth story with you. I absolutely love hearing birth stories and listened to a ton of them prior to Emery’s arrival, so I hope that you enjoy reading about her story today!

As some of you may know, Erik and I decided to have a home birth for Emery. I will write a whole post about why we decided to do this, but I can just say we are beyond happy with that decision. Honestly I don’t know if I could ever have birth a different way now.

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Baby Number 2- Halfway There!

First pregnancy update for the blog! I know I have been incredibly quiet on here lately. I’ve still been writing in my journal/ typing out some updates because it really does help with my anxiety to write, but I’ve been pretty absent on this platform.

Honestly, I’ve felt stuck lately in terms of blog content- we are cooking a ton of meals at home (aren’t we all!) but a lot of times by the time we eat I just don’t feel inspired anymore/ it’s late and I’m not taking pictures of my food. Then there is everything going on in the world with COVID, the (necessary) awakening for so many of us with the Black Lives Matter movement, politics, etc. that a lot of times I just don’t feel like I have anything useful to add. I’m doing a lot of learning, reading, and listening but not really feeling like I’m the person who should be sharing all of this, since I’m still learning as well.

Anyway, back to baby! I can’t believe we are over halfway there (I’m 23 weeks) and while at the beginning each week just dragged by, now that I am feeling the baby move more and I’ve had some very reassuring appointments, the weeks are moving much faster.

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My Experience with Postpartum Anxiety

It’s been a while, I mean a long while, since I’ve written a blog post. In all honestly, I’m just trying to keep my head above water right now being a full-time working Mom, dealing with the change of having my daughter in daycare (and all the fun colds that come with that…), and managing our schedules with a husband who travels most weeks. But something has been heavy on my heart lately, and that’s how mom life is perceived as just this beautiful, Instagram worthy image all the time. I’m just as much to blame as the next person for pretty much only posting our best moments, it feels way too vulnerable and raw most of the time to post about the bad stuff. And truthfully, until I get through the hard times, it’s challenging for me to even write about them because I don’t have the full perspective. I’m the type of person that when I’m in a challenging situation, I’m pretty much consumed by it. It’s only when enough time passes that I can look back and see the purpose of why I went through those moments. So, I try to remind myself now that things happen for a reason, and there is nothing God is putting in front of me that I can’t handle even if some days it feels like I’m drowning.

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Currently: My Favorite Things

I’ve been pretty MIA on the blog lately, and I’ve also been taking a bit of a social media break (I deleted the Facebook app entirely from my phone as I just can’t stand some of the negativity on it lately).

I’m not exactly sure right now where I want to take the blog. I know my nutrition business is evolving and I want to be more focused on preconception/ pregnancy/ postpartum nutrition, but at this time when I’m still in my own “postpartum” phase, I don’t really have the time or the energy to invest as much as I would like into my business.

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